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I'll Move...

I decided to close this blog.
It doesn't mean I completely stop writing things in English though... I change the place I write English entries.

My new blog in English has Japanese entries too, for it's more natural to write things in Japamese.
Moreover, I realized that I neither have enough English skills nor knowledge about Japan to provide infos about Japan all in English---so now I can just compose about my daily life.
I improve my English and enrich my knowledge by writing many simple entries...

I've written things officialy in Eigo-Town since May, with my real name and photo.
It features some English-learning people (in Japan and overseas) as contracted writers, and now I'm also the one of them.

Accordning to the contracts, I should, rather I have to update the blog Eigo-Town provides me at least four times a week. They say it's ideal to update it every day, and prohibits uploading more than two entries for the same day.



Typing Chinese

I've started Chinese since April.
So I'll try typing a little Chinese here!


---I hope it will come up fine...


Quiet Holidays

Between 4/29 and 5/7 many Japanese enjoy outing, as this period is called "Golden Week".
I'm not quite sure why it was named so, but I understand it is the most comfortable season with mild climate and young leaves.

But this year, I had a quiet "Golden Week", with only one outing to Oarai Aquarium on May 4.
My children had school on 5/1 and 5/2, my daughters had ballet lessons even in Holidays, and my son and younger daughter got sick and had to stay at home...


Web Site Renewal

I finally did it...

My new web site is about aquarium.
Since last year I had only cold water fish, such as goldfish and medaka, but this year, I've started guppies and a male beta!

This is my brand-new guppy aquarium:


A New Web Site and Blog

Now I'm planning to construct a web site about aquarium, in English and Japanese.
I've just started a new blog about aquarium in Japanese, which I want to make like a forum for aquarists in Japan.

I'm going to syndicate some entries with it.